Cycloaliphatic Acrylate


1. Application

NCA is a mono-functional acrylate with unique cycloaliphatic structure. Its double bond of acrylic moieties can be copolymerized with different unsaturated monomers, meanwhile the alkoxy part with novel cycloaliphatic moieties can weaken the inter action of polymer chains.

In High-solid and lower viscosity acrylic resin, NCA can lower the viscosity of polymer solution and improve the compatibility with resin and solvent.

As reactive diluent of UV curing coating, NCA can dramatically decrease the internal stress and the volume shrinkage rate of coating, thus significantly improve the adhesion of radiation curing coating and maintain its hardness and flexibility.

Also NCA is a new monomer of optical material with excellent optical property, heat resistance and low water absorption.

NCA is a clear transparent liquid with pleasant odor.

2. Sales Specifications




Clear & Transparent

Color, Pt-Co


Ester Content, wt%


Acid Value, mgKOH/g


Water Content, wt%


Inhibitor Content(MEHQ), ppm



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