AppearanceClear & Transparent
Color (Gardner)1
Ester content %98
Moisture Content %0.1
Polymer Content %NONE
(MEHQ) Inhibitor Content ppm100

 When IBOA is used in radiate curing coating (printing ink) as active diluents, it may effectively reduce the viscosity of the coating (printing ink), improve the performance of construction, and enhance leveling properties.

When IBOA is served as the active diluents of the epoxy-acrylic oligomer, it may reduce internal stress and volume shrinkage of the coating, thus improving the character index of radiation curing coating such as adhesion, volume shrinkage, anti-impact, mar resistance, weather resistance, and it won't lose hardness and flexibility in its coating.

If IBOA is used in protective coating of discs, it will attach extremely close with the surface of the texture on the disc. Moreover, has extremely enhances mar resistance and coating performance, and very distinctly improves the gloss of film.

Because IBOA has all sorts of merits (as listed above), it has been widely used in domains as active diluents of radiation curing coating, such as gloss varnish for metal, glass flexibility plastic film, engineering plastics as well as optical fiber coating, and has been simultaneously used in some special printing inks like outdoors spurt ink & news printing ink on thin-film of polyethylene.

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